ATT Yahoo DSL Setup with Qwest DSL Modem

ATT Yahoo DSL Setup with Qwest 2Wire Gateway (taken from TechTip )

Just successfully set up ATT Internet with Qwest 2Wire Gateway Modem!

  1. Connect DSL modem to phone jack, computer, check for DSL light.
  2. Log into modem if necessary ( or http://homeportal/).
  3. Use the following temporary username and password to get a connection: 
    username: “”
    password: “sbcyahooreg”
  4. Get own login, go to or and go through the signup process.
  5. Register and get a permanent login name and password.
  6. Check speed with speed test or use other speed test sites.

3 Responses to “ATT Yahoo DSL Setup with Qwest DSL Modem”

  1. Online speedtest sites « Blog of a Silicon Valley Hick Says:

    […] by siliconvalleyhick on 01/13/2009 I recently switched from cable to DSL internet (3 Mbps) and wanted to see if I should upgrade to the 6 Mbps plan, so here are some online sites […]

  2. Azeredo Says:

    Excellent post. I think that today can not live without my Internet connection, and therefore without my DSL modem.
    The most interesting is the diversity of models that we have available. I myself was in doubt in my choosing.
    An interesting source of consultations was the (DSL Modem Emporium), which brings a good variety of modems available to DLS!

  3. siliconvalleyhick Says:

    @Azeredo: Thanks for sharing the site!

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