Sleeping in a Plane, a New Twist

Sleeping on a plane usually comes with negative connotation as it can be quite uncomfortable for prolonged period of time, even in first class.  Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Dios is trying to change the negative image of sleeping on a plane. He converted an old (1976) Boeing 747-200 jet into Jumbo Hostel at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.  It boasts 25 rooms, 85 beds, a cafe, an observational deck and the most coveted room – cockpit suite (2 beds in the cockpit).  For more photos, check out this link.  Jumbo Hostel is also featured in a video on CNN Business Traveller.  I guess this means that you can sleep a bit longer before making the 10 min trek to the ticket counter!


Vanguard Fund Correlation Tool

Given today’s financial climate, diversification is the key.  As someone who holds several mutual funds, I look for Morningstar rating, past performance, risk measures (alpha, beta, R-squared, standard deviation, sharp ratio), etc.  But, if you have some Vanguard Mutual Funds, you may be interested in this Vanguard Fund Correlation Tool (it’s in the lower right column).  It allows you to determine how correlated one Vanguard Mutual Fund is to another Vanguard Mutual Fund.  For instance, Vanguard MidCap Growth Index (VMGIX) is very highly (0.97) correlated with Vanguard SmallCap Growth Index (VISGX).  So, if you’re thinking of investing some money into different Vanguard Mutual Funds (e.g. Roth IRAs) and want to diversify (i.e. achieve low correlation between funds), check out the correlation tool.  I wish there was a tool for all the mutual funds, not just Vanguard funds, and am thinking of writing the tool myself…

Check Google Account Storage Usage

If you use Google products Gmail and Picasa, you are aware of that there is a storage limit to each product.  One easy way to check both is to check for storage usage.  If you’re close to the limit, you may want to think of purchasing additional storage space to be shared among all Google products.