Men’s Health 2009 Worst 20 Foods in America

Do you eat out often?  Want to know the 20 foods to avoid?  If so, check out Men’s Health 2009 Worst Foods in America.


Online Instructional Cooking Videos

As someone who doesn’t know how to cook more than a handful of dishes, I am happy to see that there are a few sites offering online instructional cooking videos, especially for those of us who doesn’t have access to the cooking channels.

Rouxbe – offers a rather polished, step-by-step instruction to food preparation but may require a free membership to watch some videos.

Foodtube – free, extensive collection of cooking videos

Thoughts?  Leave comments.  Thanks.

Fatburgr – Nutritional Info from Fast-food Restaurants

A new website Fatburgr provides basic nutritional info (calories, fat, carbs and weight watchers points) from fast-food restaurants.