Palm Pre Demo

The Palm Pre (check out their commercial, very Apple-like) with WebOS was demoed at CES 2009 a few days ago and after watching the 2-part Youtube demo (embedded below), I am very impressed for the following reasons:

  1. Ability to multitask (each application is a “card”)
  2. QWERTY keyboard
  3. Integrated email and IM accounts (Synergy)
  4. “Launcher” or universal search (for apps or the web)
  5. Gesture area

It seems like I’m not the only one impressed, their stock has steadily risen since the start of CES (Jan. 8 ), back to the value before most stocks started to tumble in Oct. 2008.  Palm is still awaiting regulatory approval but they will need to come out with another device in order to sustain this momentum for 2009.  I, for one, hope that they come out with a device available on ATT Wireless.  I had been waiting for an Android-based phone on ATT, but it seems like WebOS may be even better.  For more info, Engadget has a good overview and Gizmodo has a side-by-side comparison of iPhone, G1 and Pre.  Updated (1/15): Engadget has a Pros/Cons comparison of iPhone, G1 and Pre as well.  Updated (1/19): Engadget has a video more info on GPS-location based features.  Thoughts?  Leave comments.  Thanks.